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Food Expert Shares Kitchen Utensils You Need for a Stress-Free 2024

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Step into 2024 with a fresh perspective – not all New Year’s resolutions require a major overhaul. This is how adding a few new additions to your kitchen can give you confidence and redefine your home cooking abilities.

With the kitchen such a pivotal space for modern living, Jordan Hanley, butchery supervisor at online butchers, Campbells Meat, has argued the importance of upgrading your kitchen utensils, commenting: “In the kitchen, having the right tools can help reduce stress and boost your confidence. Make sure your utensils work for you, not against you; opt for modern conveniences like a clip-on strainer instead of a bulky metal one, eliminating the need to juggle multiple items at once.”

He adds, “Similarly, ditch the hassle of chopping herbs with a knife and grab a pair of herb scissors for a quick and precise solution without the fuss. Let these simple upgrades add to the joy of cooking by making your kitchen tasks smoother and more enjoyable.”

To help make your home cooking more efficient and hassle-free, these are the utensils that Jordan thinks every kitchen should have in 2024:

Clip-on strainer for pots and pans

Traditional strainers can be bulky and are not always suitable for every pot or pan, occasionally leading to awkward kitchen spills that can easily be avoided.

A clip-on strainer attaches directly to your pot or pan, allowing you to drain liquids without transferring the contents. It’s compact, easy to use, and simplifies the process of straining pasta, vegetables, and whatever else you need straining.

Digital meat thermometer with bluetooth connectivity

Traditional meat thermometers can be challenging to read accurately, and you often need to keep checking the oven or grill. It’s time to say goodbye to guesswork and say hello to perfectly cooked meat every time.

Its bluetooth connectivity allows you to monitor the cooking temperature of your meat remotely using your phone or a tablet, ensuring your meat or fish is perfectly cooked without having to constantly open the oven or grill. Additionally, using a meat thermometer enhances your precision and reduces the risk of food safety concerns.

Adjustable measuring spoon set

Traditional measuring spoons come in fixed sizes, which can be limiting when dealing with unique recipes that call for odd measurements. And let’s face it, they’re just adding to unwanted drawer clutter.

An adjustable measuring spoon set allows you to measure various quantities with a single spoon, eliminating the need for multiple spoons. This is particularly handy when dealing with recipes that require both liquid and dry ingredients.

Herb scissors

Let go of the chopping board drama and level up your herb game. Using a knife can be time-consuming and doesn’t always give you the finely chopped results you desire. Also, let’s not forget the hassle of herbs sticking to the surface they’re chopped on.

Herb scissors have multiple blades that make quick work of chopping herbs directly into any dish or pan. They not only save time and provide a uniform chop every time, but they can also enhance the distribution of flavours in your recipes, all without fuss.

Jar opener and bottle gripper

Struggling with stubborn jar lids and tight bottle caps can be a daily kitchen hassle, especially for those with limited hand strength or dexterity.

A jar opener and bottle gripper provide better grip and leverage, making it easier to open tight lids and caps. This handy tool can offer the grip you need to effortlessly twist open jars and bottles. Even for those without specific hand strength issues, this can be a time-saving and convenient addition to your kitchen.

Oven-safe silicone food storage bags

Traditional plastic storage containers can take up a lot of space, and using disposable plastic bags can be wasteful.

Silicone food bags are a no-fuss, eco-friendly solution to marinating, sous vide cooking, or reheating leftovers. They are airtight, easy to clean, reusable, and can go straight from the freezer to the oven or microwave, making them a great addition to streamline your kitchen routine in 2024.

For those who use air fryers, consider buying silicone inserts to help keep your air fryers tidy and prevent you from using tin foil.

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