by Psychreg

Who we are?

Founded in 2014, Psychreg is an award-winning digital media company that provides information and resources on psychology, health, and wellness. We publish fresh articles and thought-provoking commentaries. We also publish scholarly works through the open-access Psychreg Journal of Psychology

With a strong commitment to spreading knowledge and awareness, Psychreg has become a go-to source for many, attracting over 400,000 views each month.

The company was founded by Dennis Relojo-Howell while he was pursuing a master’s degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. What started as a simple directory of psychology enthusiasts has now grown into a dynamic platform that serves a wide audience.

What makes us stand out?

The internet is awash with online publications, but our distinctive approach sets us apart. Not only do we offer layman-friendly articles and manage our open-access journal, but we also create valuable content through our YouTube channel. We also share delicious wellness recipes.

We empower people by publishing mental health stories and by hosting events. We also offer useful resources, which include the Psychreg Index and the Gratis Index. And more importantly, we’d like to be at the forefront of mental health initiatives such as the Psychreg Resilience Project (PReP)

How do you say "Psychreg"?

Psychreg is a blended word: crafted from “psychology” and “registry”. Say the word out loud and appreciate the thought that went into naming our company. 

Our awards

We’re all about bringing you valuable information. And when we win awards, it’s just the cherry on top – letting us know we’re doing a pretty awesome job! 

  • 3rd Place, Blogger of the Year, 2023. Mental Health Blog Awards
  • 3rd Place, Vlogger of the Year, 2023. Mental Health Blog Awards
  • Best Online & Mental Health Platform, 2021. GHP Social Care Awards
  • Best Practice in the Workplace, 2020. APA 20:20 Vision Award. Ayanay Psychological Accreditation
  • Blogger of the Year, 2020. Mental Health Blog Awards
  • Wellbeing Excellence in the Workplace, 2020. Ayanay Psychological Accreditation
  • Highly Commended, 2018. UK Blog Awards
  • Highly Commended, 2017. UK Blog Awards

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