From 2007 onwards, the use of smartphones increased to a greater number making 95 percent of iPhone and android and the remaining are windows and others, but the choices remained different among users of smartphones indicating/showing their personality difference. That is the reason that spending 5 hours a day, why some people use iPhone and some use android and among android, Samsung is on the top.

Some of the facts found in the research of Heather Shaw and others are discussed finding personality difference between iPhone and android users. To answer the question, you will get interesting answers about it but what those personality differences are.

Android usersiPhone users
According to a survey, Mostly older people use android phone.Android users do not consider smartphone as an object of status.In the research, android users were found honest, sincere, they avoid greed and are fair. Android users are emotionally stable which is a good quality needed for pilot jobs when they are psychologically tested.Android users have openness to experience. Openness people are original in actions, imaginative and this quality makes them creative writers and they are curious and creative.Heather Shaw found in the research that Android users do not like common products to buy they have a need for uniqueness. This can be the reason android phones are in several products such as Samsung, a leading product. Android users do not use other people for personal gain and they do not bother in breaking rules. Research found that they are not interested in wealth, luxuries and making a high status.  Among iphone users mostly young females use iphone.iPhone users consider their smartphone as an object of status. Extended-self theory explains that a person exercises a control over an object which represents his/her identity because of control the object is made his extended self, and that can be a smartphone. Interestingly, research found, iPhone users as having less honesty and they do not avoid greed. The scale applied had variable of honesty-humility which iPhone users scored less in it. iPhone users have high levels of emotionality. 

Some other differences according to a survey include

Android usersiPhone users
Android users’ spending money is not associated to their use of phone type. Android users house income is slightly lower than the iPhone users’ house income approximately $ 60,000 plus.According to a survey in the Forbes, among android users, male users are higher in number.Android users are working as technical staff in organizations.Mobile phone addiction is reported less in android as compared to iPhone.Android users keep less cars for themselves.    iPhone users spend more money than android users.iPhone users total house income is greater and that is approximately $ 80,000 plus.iPhone users are more educated but a slight difference between the two users.iPhone users are professionals and businessmen. They use their phones for an extended time than users of android. They keep more cars for themselves.

This division means that users set their smartphones according to their needs by customizing its functions. This means they are personalizing things around them including smartphone and this possession reveal their personality. Such as downloading the type of apps reveal your personality, wearing watch reveals that the person is disciplined or sensitive to be punctual and choosing a colour can also reveal a person’s nature.

By customizing the settings of smartphone and its possession represent personality traits. The nature of a person is also revealed Such as in downloading the kind of apps, wearing a wrist watch that can represent the discipline or sensitivity to be punctual, choosing a colour etc.

If we look to use of mobile so women use their mobile phones for more text messages, calls and photos by making selfies. Whereas, men use mobile phones as an entertainment object using it for watching videos and playing games.

For information in a video format please refer to our youtube channel : YouTube/PSYCH4HEAL Therefore, iPhone users share some personality characteristics which are unique. iPhone users in the research of Heather Shaw and others, are revealed as considering their mobile phone as an object of status. Moreover, they are greedy (according to the scoring of the scales applied in the research), are less honest, emotional they earn more than the android users. Their annual calculated salary is higher than android users’ calculated salary. Whereas, android users are honest, sincere, avoid greed and are emotionally stable. They earn less money than iPhone users and they do not consider mobile phone as an object of status. Android users are creative writers, they make technical staff, use less cars, they are original in actions. On the other hand, female users are using iPhone more than male users and they are professional, businessmen, phone addicts and status conscious.


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