This intriguing question can make us aware of the factors that are playing role in making men and women happy. But who are happier men or women?

                Let’s have a look at some studies conducted on happiness of men and women.

  • Research articles published before 1990 conclude that women are happier than men in the overall statistics of research finding but is not very high. On the other hand, the research studies conducted in many parts of the western North and other parts of the world concluded a decline in the happiness level of women from 1970 decade.
    • Before 1990, women were happier but after this time period men were reported to be happier than women. Factors responsible are the marital status both for women and men including their age, how much they earn, and how many children they are growing. Stevenson and Wolfers (2009) reported a decline in the overall satisfaction for both women and men’s life, but for women slightly lower. Further, research concluded the age difference of the two genders that women before midlife (48 years of age) are happier but after midlife men score higher on happiness. Research reports that expression of emotions is higher in women, so they have higher ability to express happiness and they discuss about issues more than men do.
    • It’s a catharsis too when women talk more about the issues or relationship etc but Deborah Tannen (2010) concluded that because of their friendly and comfortable expressions they talk about things in a friendly and calm way to convey what they want to convey is the reason of happiness plus what matters is the person to whom they talk.  These positive emotions are primarily the reasons of their joy (it has a social element when they would like to talk to important people in their lives).

Reasons for Women’s happiness:

        The reasons for women’s happiness are positive self-esteem, harmony in life, being religious and emotional or psychological intimacy.

Whereas, men find happiness in their positive self-importance, stable control of mind, and leisure.

Good Look/ beauty and happiness:

        Good look is generally thought to be associated with happiness. Some researchers rejected the assumption of the relationship of good look with happiness, but a research study found the association of good look with happiness only for urban women.

Being Taller:                 Being taller is associated to increase your happiness. Those people who are taller than average height people are happier, and they do not usually feel sad and do not experience pain compared to other people (Deaton & Arora, 2009) but they feel more stressed than average people.


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